Ndangane Camp Middle School

Ndangane Camp Middle School : a large ground in sand fenced. A first building at the entry : it is the guardian. A tree that houses the teachers of the sun. A second building where we find the director of the middle school. Finally, the largest building where the seven classrooms are lined. The average number of classes is 60 or 70 students. It is obvisouly a real difficulty for the teachers with the heat in the classroom.

The registration fee is for 10000 CFA for this college (1 € = 650 CFA) to which the supplies and the transportation are added.

Few are the children going beyond the 3rd, rarely more those who access the bachelor and even more rare those who will go to the university. The difficulty comes mainly from transportation : some are welcoming in the family, hosted by knowledge : moreover, engagement in studies is not necessarily a profit ...

The teachers find difficulties to motivate the students towards scientific studies as around them these kind of competences are not used. It is why they were delighted to have a presentation of strangers about sciences and Airbus aircraft.

These teachers regretted not having travelled but some grown through the TV like "travel channel".

The teachers have gathered students present at the middle school. The official start of the school year is launched but not in reality... Students as teachers have been delighted to have this knowledge sharing:

- many questions concerned the safety aspect (risk of crash and why, accidents in the aviation)

- the nuisance of the aircraft (pollution, noise) ...

- the organization in the plane : are there kitchen rooms in the plane?

- What are the differences between a rocket and an airplane?

- what is the cockpit?

- what are the black boxes?

- How long is it for making a plane?

- How is an airplane ?,

-What is the mass of embedded fuel in an A380?

- which altitude and which speed for an aircraft?

Some thought that by pushing a button, the aircraft will take off.

There were confusions between aircraft and helicopters.

The children also drawn aircraft like they saw them or imagined for tomorrow. The result, before and after the presentation is very interesting. They learned and understood many things. For the vast majority, they had never seen airplanes from meadow, their only reference was television ... and one person had already travelled by plane.

These exchanges were very interesting as we have understood the difficulty for the students and the teachers and their desire to discover new universes as the aeronautical world.