Tangier : the opening

Tangier ... very symbolic step in more ways than one. First, this city represents our first change of continent. We have just left Europe for Africa but also our arrival in the Atlantic Ocean!

After a rich navigation, we arrived around 22:00 at Tanja Marina Bay in Tangier. We were greeted by the staff at the marina and then headed to immigration for the paperwork quickly settled.

Tangier is a city resolutely turned towards the future, which is also the pride of many inhabitants. The new marina is also the place where the Tangier population goes for a walk and take selfies in front of the huge sign "Tanja Marina Bay International" ....

The whole bay is under construction to accommodate a marina, a commercial port and finally a fishing port!

All infrastructures are set up to attract investors from all over the world!

Behind this seafront in full transformation, we find the new city to the east with its large avenues, banks, shops "like at home" and on the other side we find the old historic city with its medina, its very narrow streets, souks, smells of spices ... It moves in all directions, we find everything we want ... !!

Here, there are very few beggars: even very poor people always have something to sell: packets of handkerchief, sweets, chewing gum, a fish ...

All day, it moves, it sells ... from 8am to 11pm there is life!

Many people come to talk with us, to do business of course ... but not only.

The kindness of the people is not a legend! We had been there some years ago and we are not disappointed with the welcome of Moroccans. They are proud of their city, its transformation towards modernism and openness to the world. And above all, they want to show a beautiful image of Morocco: always a nice little word, a note for children, a "welcome" in Morocco ... and they are delighted by the interest we are taking in their work and their lives ...

We made beautiful meetings like Ayoub captain of pleasure ship, Mohamed who runs a shop in the medina and many others ....

My grandmother always said "who loves men loves animals" ... Tangier is also the city of cats! To the delight of children !! And no matter where we look, there is a cat and a Moroccan who takes care of it: gives fish, a caress, leaves croquettes...

Tangier people love cats...

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