First start !

First August was a key day in the adventure. It is today that we look forward to our carrier Ourialys for this collaborative world tour. A kind of repetition, a fictitious departure where we leave the house for our new nomadic "home". There are still preparations before the real start on 13th August (if all the conditions are met), although for now, everything is progressing well.

And what about the overall project? We must now put all our fruitful harvest of donation in a corner of the boat, and they are numerous as evidenced by the photos! Let's take this opportunity to once again thank all those who participated in these donations, especially Eole Consulting for several computers and our sponsor Argonaute for most masks / fins and snorkels (already in place) and all donations for filters , school supplies or "medical".

The next donations will be taken by the team members who will join Ourialys at the key stages of the adventure. Thanks in advance to them for taking charge of this logistics.

Talk to you soon for the rest of the installation in the boat and the real official departure of our journey ...